Pop! Pop! Pop! (SE)

Pop! Pop! Pop! (SE)
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This is a humorous family narrative about a girl and her older sister who find out how not to make popcorn.
This text supports the comprehension strategies of making connections with real-life experiences, making and confirming predictions, and following the steps in a process. It lends itself to expressive reading and provides excellent models for writing.
Text Features
• the dramatic and lively nature of the text
• the strong narrative structure
• the humour in the text and the illustrations
• the characterisation of Jo
• the expressive dialogue
• the use of italics, repetition, onomatopoeia, and exclamation marks for effect
• the lively verbs – jumping, pushing, popped, squealed
• the many alternatives for “said” – asked, called, cried, laughed, squealed
• the indicators of time – after a few minutes, after dinner, after a while, soon
• the contractions – couldn’t, I’m, it’s, won’t, wouldn’t
• the variety of forms of some verbs – laugh, laughed; make, making; popped, popping; tried, trying
• the possessive apostrophe in “Toni’s”
• the “ur” sound – burn, turned
Possible challenges
• the words – enough, spoonfuls, squealed
• the idea of a gas stove
• the term “popping corn”.

AuthorDot Meharry


Year Level2


Guided Reading Level15

GenreProcedure | Realistic Fiction

Theme/TopicFamily | Food

Strategy/SkillsFollowing instructions | Making connections | Making predictions

Page Count12

Word Count320